E.M.M. PRECISION, INC., is a contract manufacturing shop. E.M.M. has built a reputation as a "premier quality supplier". We have achieved and maintained a vendor rating of 99.7% with our customers and steadily strive to maintain high standards for on time, per the print and responsible pricing requirements. Here at E.M.M. we take our customers seriously, each customer is as valued as the next. We attend to the needs of our customers in the most efficient means possible. From the moment an order is received, through its completion and shipment, attention is paid to the quality and efficiency of the item being produced. Providing service and producing quality products are the hallmarks of E.M.M. Precision Inc.

Customer satisfaction is validated by the award letters in our files. Our major philosophies - Provide the highest possible quality component, delivered on time. We recognize that price is always the bottom line, but think of the power you get when you can have all three! We are a highly flexible company and will tailor our offerings to meet the different needs and wants of our customers. The attitude here is that we will solve your machining problems whether they be material, finish, or time constraints. When a customer purchases from us, they enter a partnership with us, one of confidence. Our continued success at E.M.M. is based on total customer satisfaction. Our customer's know we ARE willing to work with them. In the age of Automation and Voice Mail, it makes all the difference in the world when you find someone who really listens when you have a special need. We Listen! If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank You
Keith & Jesse
Team principals