Established in 1956 as a contract manufacturing facility. Located in Center Conway , N.H., our fully temperature controlled 10,000 sq ft building. E.M.M. produces C.N.C. machined products. For over 50 years our experience, philosophy and dedication to excellence, can best be expressed by our use of state of the art C.N.C. equipment and highly skilled machinists. We continuously strive to improve and fine-tune our production methods for higher efficiency while maintaining outstanding quality.

We offer machining center and turning center services from one piece prototype to infinite production components. We work with most materials, steels, stainless steel, alloys, brass, aluminum, and plastics. We offer assembly, painting, plating, heat-treating and other turnkey needs, through close co-operation with our outside contractor network.
Hurco TM8i
Hurco TM8i
Hurco TM6i
Hurco TM8Mi Live Tool Drill and Mill

Hurco VM20i
Hurco VMX30Ui 5 Axis
Hurco BMC 3017 (2)
Hurco VMX 60/40T 3 axis
Hurco VM10U 5 axis
Hurco VM1 3Axis (4)
          Hurco VM1P
          CNC Indexing Heads (3)
Kent Knee Mill Accurite Mill Power 2